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About Us

Helping farmers and land managers respond faster and make better decisions

Our Mission

To help growers and land managers use spatial technologies to attain reliable, actionable insights on the status of crops and natural assets to help improve productivity, profitability, resilience and decision making.

Our Vision

  • To help fast track a new era of sustainable and regenerative agriculture and land management .
  • To help improve confidence and reliance onaccurate spatial data as a “point of truth”.
  • To be the service and technology partners ofchoice for land managers looking to improvesustainability and their bottom line.

AirborneLogic is a proud South Australian company on a mission to help farmers and land managers improve productivity, and grow, enhance and protect more for less. We can help assess
the health and vigor of
crops, and how that changes over time, so you can accurately evaluate what is and isn’t working, and intervene with confidence to improve productivity and profitability.

Our cutting edge remote sensing products and services are proven as an independent “source of truth” for carbon farming, biodiversity and responsible farming projects to objectively
optimise revenues and improve
reporting and market confidence. Our reporting is visual, intuitive and GIS enabled, and has been designed to get you where you need to go fast in order to cut costs, improve productivity and make better decisions.

What We Do
Industries We Serve


Precision site mapping and vine level crop analysis
for fast,
accurate stocktaking, quantifying bare wire/gaps, assessing variability & growth, leak detection, vineyard navigation, sustainability and asset reporting, tech adoption & more…


Highly accurate survey grade mapping for crop/asset reporting, decision making, technology & automation. Tree counts, health & variability assessments. Thermal scans, topographic mapping for site preperation, water & irrigation.

Carbon & Biodiversity

Large scale, property & land condition mapping/remote sensing for bench-marking existing states, natural capital valuations, decision making and accurately and objectively tracking change over time.

Natural Resource Management

Aerial mapping and spectral analysis for assessing condition and precisely identifying & locating plants & animals using HD cameras, multi, hyperspectral and thermal sensors, and other remote sensing tools.

Green City Planning

Automated detection of trees, canopies and plantable space using remote sensing data for urban cooling and green space planning & monitoring.

Research & Development

Advice, data collection and product development assistance for remote sensing tools, GIS, automation & reporting using advanced analytics, coding, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

What We Deliver

Key Services

Mapping & GIS

  • High definition 20-50 MP imagery
  • Drone, fixed-wing & satellite platforms
  • Small to large properties (i.e. 1-+50 000Ha)
  • RTK positioning (locational accuracy of 2-4cm)
  • Detailed asset labeling & positioning

  • Property stock-take & asset labeling
  • Accurate crop & property reporting/valuation/financing
  • Automation (route planning/obstacle avoidance for robotics etc)
  • Mobile enabled navigation, scouting & live mapping
  • Work scheduling & job deployment for staff and contractors
  • Remote inspection & decision making

Remote Sensing

  • Thermal, LiDAR, multi/hyperspectral sensors
  • Aerial & ground based deployment
  • Data blending & analysis
  • Hand held LiDAR/spectral validation tools/methodologies


  • Crop variability (growth, health, nutrient, productivity) assessment
  • Gap & lost productivity analysis/quantification
  • Disease scouting
  • Statistically verified job prioritisation & impact assessments
  • Leak & heat/water stress detection
  • Plant/animal ID & location

Data Analysis & Reporting

  • Advanced (AI & ML) powered analytics
  • Automated image detection & FullCam reporting
  • Cloud computing/security
  • ArcGIS “Grower Portal” for plant level mapping, analysis & reporting


  • Data interpretation, communication & archiving
  • Job tracking and reporting
  • Statistically validated analysis and reporting of “change over time”
  • Data collection/processing/analysis for R&D and product development
  • Impact reporting for certification, compliance, finance and social license initiatives

What We Do

Key Services

  • High definition mapping
  • Thermal, multi/hyperspectral, LiDAR, surveys
  • Location/labeling of key features @ 2-4cm positional accuracy
  • Automated vine/plant counts
  • Diagnostic reports on gaps, production, crop variability, health & nutrition
  • Online grower portal
  • Customized analysis of remotely sensed data for special investigations, variable rate applications & ag-technologies
  • Analysis & reporting of change in crop/land condition over time

Key Benefits

Saves time – reduces costs – increases productivity & precision

  • Quickly locate & quantify gaps + disease impacts
  • Accurately map topography, assets, land features + condition
  • Go straight to points of interest with mobile digital maps that sync with other technologies
  • Accurately measure & track vegetation, carbon + biodiversity
  • Reliably report natural assets & infrastructure for property valuation & compliance
  • Model lost $’s and highest gains to help prioritize management response


Everyday, growers, agronomists and managers make critical decisions on managing crops and how to best invest time and resources. Many of these decisions are based on limited information that is often subjective and hard to effectively collect and objectively verify at scale.

For over 30 years we have partnered with viticulture to address these challenges. We hence have deep knowledge of what really matters.

We designed our remote sensing tools and services to save growers time and money by quickly capturing detailed aerial imagery over large areas to convert detailed spatial information into actionable insights to help growers save time and money.

Using drones and fixed-wing aircraft, we can survey entire vineyards in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods to give you precise locations and counts of vines, and assessments of their variability, health, and
vigour so you can act with speed and precision to cost effectively lift crop performance, yields and quality.

Your data is secure and owned by you and can be archived, interrogated, modified and transferred to hand held devices so you can get to your exact point of interest faster and with greater confidence.

Precision mapping your property is invaluable for quantifying and reporting assets for management, remote decision making, sustainability, reporting, financing and insurance

Tree Crops and Agriculture
All our specialized viticultural products & services, and benefits are directly transferable to other sectors of agriculture.
We work with tree crops (e.g. Almonds and Citrus) to document, geo-locate and compare plant type, health, disease and stress; and to plot navigation routes for automated machinery, and to program application rates derived
from these insights for variable rate machinery.

Our precision maps and remote sensing outputs are being used on trials for cereal crops to locate impacts of pest, disease and frost.

We also use LiDAR and other tools to stocktake carbon and biodiversity assets for trading and assessing progress towards sustainability goals.

What We Do
Carbon, Biodiversity and NRM

Key Services

  • Property/feature mapping @ 2- 4cm positional accuracy to benchmark condition & analyse change over time
  • Drone & fixed wing thermal, multi/hyperspectral + LiDAR
  • Forest delineation & FullCAM automation for Human Induced Regeneration Carbon Projects
  • Canopy mapping/tree counts for assessments/planning in regional/urban spaces
  • Project design, programming & automation for field operations (survey design, FieldMaps etc.)

Key Benefits

Saves time – reduces costs – increases productivity & precision

  • Accurately map topography, assets, land features + condition
  • Improve ability to track & analyse vegetation, carbon + biodiversity & change over time
  • Increase confidence & transparency for valuation, reporting & compliance
  • Standardize & optimise data capture & reporting using GIS enabled technology
  • Gather critical “hard-to-see” insights at scale for important planning & decision making


The health and resilience of our environment is critical for both life and industry. Efforts to combat and adapt to climate change, halt and reverse global biodiversity loss and adopt to more limited supplies of critical resources are rapidly accelerating.

Agriculture & land management are central in this equation, and tools to help evaluate real and measurable progress towards improved environmental, social and economic impact are in demand.

Remote sensing tools and targeted spatial information has the ability to objectively benchmark and monitor change in vegetation and land condition
with much greater depth and precision at a scale than traditional, manual methods.

Using a range of cutting-edge sensors, aerial platforms and advanced analytics, we help managers and stakeholders make evidence based decisions about best management of existing natural resources and the impact of trials and new practices that help adapt industries and ecosystems to future conditions.

Our RGB imagery & 3D photogrammetry techniques are used to base map in high detail at any scale. Data collected can be used to accurately geo-locate,
segment & quantify trees, canopies, species & vegetative communities to baseline carbon, biodiversity & natural capital projects.

We can help improve project efficiency by customizing “fit-forpurpose” GIS data collection tools for ground based assessments.

For complex projects, we collect and analyse valuable remotely sensed datasets, including LiDAR and spectral data to conduct structural and biochemical assessments of plants and ecological communities, and to accurately assess change over time.

To fast track analysis of complex data sets and improve reporting confidence, we have automated the process of delineating forest and entering FullCAM data for carbon project applications and audits.

If your project has a particular demand, we provide consulting services to assist with the design and implementation of methods for data collection and analysis that can be increasingly automated over time.

What We Do
Research and Development

Key Services

  • High definition, geo-located RGB site & point cloud feature mapping
  • Multi-tool remote sensing including thermal, multi/hyperspectral + LiDAR
  • Project consulting & design
  • Validation & calibration of ground based and satellite data
  • Collection & processing of training data for ML + AI projects
  • Workflow development & testing for end-to-end data capture/analysis & automation

Key Benefits

Saves time – reduces costs – increases productivity & precision

  • Multi-skilled team with science and technology expertise
  • High definition, detailed data capture over small to large areas
  • Improved capture, storage & management of complex time stamped, positionally accurate data sets on demand
  • QA/QC’d processing & analysis
  • Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning expertise/assistance
  • Deep knowledge of industry
    drivers & pathways to


Demands for products, services and solutions that improve the resilience, sustainability and productivity of agriculture, ecosystems and urban settings are at all time highs.

For many researchers and developers, accurate, detailed information on environmental states, characteristics and fluxes in near real-time is essential for the design, evaluation and extension of impactful projects.

AirborneLogic has deep knowledge and experience in spatial sciences, natural resource management and the drivers of commercialization.

We assist R&D by capturing and processing precision data that can be used to help validate trials and develop targeted practices and products that can implemented at scale to improve productivity and resilience in natural and managed environments.

AirborneLogic offers quick, accurate, efficient data capture at multiple scales.

We are Australia’s only operator of DJI Wind 8 heavy lift drone equipped with the iTRES MicroCASI 1920 hyperspectral camera, capable of extracting 288 wavebands of data between 401- 996nm to very high spatial resolution of 2.5-5cm pixels. We have the ability to detect over 30 individual indices related to plant and biophysical chemistry, stress, and productivity.

AirborneLogic can help you capture high definition RGB, LiDAR and thermal imagery from multiple platforms using RTK that can map features to 1cm positional accuracy.

Our end-to-end service allows you to blend data capture methods and outputs according to project needs and match results with ground truthed or satellite observations to validate key insights in minute detail or over 1000’s of Ha’s with improved confidence.

From benchmarking existing environmental and vegetative states to monitoring change at local or ecosystem level to data capture/analysis design and automation, we help research and development teams improve thei 
ability to develop, test and commercialize solutions that have direct benefit for industry and society at large.

Our remote sensing tools and expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning is frequently used by R&D partners to identify and target features and changing characteristics of land based and aquatic environments that are hard to detect using traditional survey methods.

We then help isolate, code and examine important information so that the characteristics and dynamics of environmental change can be accurately mapped, quantified, analysed and referenced to guide product development and decision making repeatedly overtime

Contact Details

Room 108 ThincLab Waite Hannaford Building
Waite Campus
URRBRAE South Australia 5064

Andy Chambers – 0419 817 205
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