Cutting edge analysis from airborne surveys, providing detailed analysis of crops and surface, and vegetation conditions.
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The Future of Farming, is here.

Our Why

“To make agri-technology, affordable, adoptable and good business for all farmers.”

Our Why

“Sustainable food production is a global necessity – Our future depends on it.”

Our Why

“Finding crop problems faster, helping you save time and money.”

Our Why

“Farming is 50% science, 50% loving care and 100% way of life.”

Our Why

“Unpacking BIG DATA is our speciality. We create value from this data for your farm. Our aim is to increase your farm gross margin.”

What We Do

AirborneLogic utilizes hyperspectral imagery and other data to assist farmers, private companies and government agencies in uncovering sustainable solutions to efficient resource use.

Using machine learning and contemporary data analytics, AirborneLogic’s team of industry experts provides our clients with advice to minimize costs or discover innovative agricultural and environmental solutions.

Our drone-mounted hyperspectral and infra-red sensors afford us a unique perspective on crops, vegetation and infrastructure. Data from these sensors is analyzed and combined with information from satellites and other sources to produce actionable advice for our diverse clientele.

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Water Stress

NDVI (Canopy Vigor)

Thermal Imaging

Plant Counting

Pests & Diseases

Analytics & Reporting