100% Farmer satisfaction.

With our airborne hyperspectral sensors, we can uncover crop and plant stress that isn’t visible with conventional aerial surveys. Add to this modern data investigative techniques and advanced machine learning, we uncover farm savings through reducing your use of fertiliser, pesticides, herbicides, diesel and time. Our competitive rates ensure net savings to our clients.

Capability Statement

Why is AirborneLogic different?

We listen to you

Sadly, most farmers’ experience with technical consultancies is one where the consultants offer advice with inadequate understanding of client needs. At AirborneLogic, our first step is to engage and listen to our clients, identify problems and requirements, and then navigate effective solutions.

We embrace new technology and new thinking

Remote sensing and analysis has undergone rapid development in the last 5 years. Not only are the sensors smaller and can be carried by a small drone, but they are able to capture visible light, near infra-red and thermal imagery. Our hyperspectral cameras are able to capture these frequencies in exquisite detail. This enables precise analysis of crop disease, stress, resource use and other factors to assist farmers in maximizing yields.

We integrate resources

Our sensors gather enormous amounts of data in fine detail. Converting this data into practical solutions requires sophisticated application of data analytics and machine learning. Assisting us in this journey is a diversity of specialists including researchers from The University of Adelaide, as well as leading Australian agronomists, engineers and geophysicist practitioners.

Data management

Our data centre and computing capability ensures we can rapidly process information and give you the answers you need. Through this we are able to report to you quickly, enabling you to make time critical decisions to maximise financial outcomes.

Core Values

Experience and understanding of agribusiness

In today’s competitive market, businesses must work collaboratively to achieve successful outcomes. Agriculture is no different. Growing and harvesting a valuable crop requires teamwork with specialist partners. With our scientific, analytical and technical expertise, AirborneLogic is in a unique position to effectively partner with farmers in confronting the challenges of the agricultural sector.

Our team has over a century combined experience in agriculture and land management. Throughout our journey we have gained much, but are always seeking to implement our knowledge to effectively assist the agricultural sector.
We achieve this by sharing our knowledge with you through thoroughly understanding the decisions and actions you undertake. In doing so, we deliver effective and cost-saving solutions.

Team Profiles

Andy Chambers

Andy Chambers

Managing Director, AirborneLogic Pty Ltd

Andy is an experienced environment, water and sustainable agriculture manager, innovator and thought leader.

Andy’s career spans over thirty years including government experience in forestry, water resource, natural resource management, water allocation and waste water risk planning as well as over twenty years in environmental and sustainability consultancy. As a business owner he understands what businesses sustainability means but also brings the context of deep experience in land and sustainable agriculture. Now fusing this with a team of technology and computing experts, Andy is leading the charge to ensure agritechnology R&D can be commercialised for the benefit of landholders.

Mike Barnes

Mike Barnes

Senior Spatial Analyst

Mike has a strong interest in data management, automated data processing and machine learning. With work history including several years at a commonwealth science agency and time with energy companies, he has seen a number of data pipelines ranging from good to bad and is taking those learnings onboard to ensure AirborneLogic’s workflows and systems generate accurate, repeatable results as quickly as possible. He has tertiary qualifications in GIS, remote sensing, geology & geophysics.


AirborneLogic abides by all necessary Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations. Our drone pilots are all licensed and hold Remote Pilot’s Licence (RePL) in each class for sub 7kg and sub 25kg and AirborneLogic holds a ReOC (Remote Operators Certificate) and is authorised by CASA to utilise drones as a commercial business. AirborneLogic is committed to ensuring safe skies and we develop detailed site risk plan and operations in collaboration with our clients and CASA as needed.