What sort of things can you see that I can't already see?

Plants stress in many ways. Water, nutrient, temperature to name a few. Most of these stresses appear at the plants cellular level well before they are apparent to the human eye. Our approach is to identify these problems so you can manage them more quickly and more efficiently leading to savings in operational costs.

Can I load your information into my phone mapping app?

Yes or any other software system you choose. We will produce maps and images in a file form easily useable by your existing approaches, including common machinery GPS equipment.

How do we pay for your service and how often do you collect data?

We will tailor a package for you that best addresses your situation. It’s impossible to have one price that fits all due to the highly variable nature of agriculture. We collect data as often as needed to address the problem or practices being considered.

Who owns my data?

You do, but we reserve the right to use your data to refine our models so your answers become more and more robust and reliable over time.

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